من نحن


Clearly, more than ever, the Arabian horse holds a central place in the world today.

We owe this renewed interest to the heavy involvement of the Gulf countries. They created a new dynamic in the breeding of purebred Arabian horses they also support thanks to a significant financial investment.

The effects of such a policy were soon evident. Thus we could witness the emergence of new breedings of unprecedented dimension and the development of all the technological aspects concerning the world of purebred Arabians, whose use focuses mainly on racing, showing and endurance riding.

That also allows the professionalization of the industry which saw new professions and specializations appear, including a rise in business. So many aspects to be taken into account by the breeders who are essential players when any project concerning the Arabian horse is undertaken.

However, there is another side to success like imbalance in many fields such as finances... The knowledge and skills developed for centuries by the breeders from Arabian countries have not been properly taken into account . Though they play a considerable part within the industry, thanks to their rich genetic heritage, their participation within the international institutions remains limited.

It was thus a good time to see an institution fight against this imbalance and work to develop a plan so that purebred Arabians and their breeders could benefit from the knowledge, a plus for all those who share a passion for this exceptional horse.

With this in mind, for some years and after lengthy deliberations, some countries decided to join together and form an organization to honour the breeders of purebred Arabian horses by giving them training and the best possible supervision.

Indeed, this organization is driven by a spirit of partnership :under no circumstances does it wish to reject what already exists but, on the contrary, it wants to support what can benefit the Arabian horses and their breeders. 

Thus was born the AHO, organization of Arabian countries of the Arabian horse, in 2010. Its founding members are, among others, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

“To give a clear vision, that’s its motto. But how can it achieve this goal :

- by developing the breeding of purebred Arabians thanks to training and awarness-raising of breeedrs and owners as well as all the professionals of the industry

- by restoring synergy between all the bodies interested in the aspects of the Arabian horse, whether at local, regional or international levels

- by creating a high-quality communication which can strengthen the links between the various partners and all the people who share a passion for this horse

- by encouraging the development of the breeding of Arabians through events dedicated at promoting Arabians, like shows with adapted rules especially, and/or by supporting existing events

- by organizing cultural and scientific events devoted to the Arabian horse.

To reach out the breeders, to expand information and expertise among countries, to be open to actions and proposals to the benefit of the Arabian Horse and his breeding, to strengthen its representation all over the world, these are some of the aspects which are part of the mission of the AHO in a spirit of partnership but not of trade. 

For centuries, men have devoted their lives breeding and selecting a horse whose beauty and qualities have been a source of inspiration. 

Today the AHO wants to give them the opportunity to continue this crucial work to the best of their abilities so that the outstanding purebred Arabian could keep shining in the skies in the galaxy of the Horse.

AHO Constitution
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AHO Show Rules & Scoring System
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